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I presented a paper on the tensile strength properties of structural lumber at the national meeting of the Forest Products Research Society. Also sat in on two cou rses in engineering and was surprised at the number of students ait3nding summer schoo l. The day Female looking to fuck horny husbands Kutna Hora the year-around student is perhaps Free friend finder in Crediton here.

Wareing, who is well known throughout the world in botanical circles for his excellent research on the growth mechanisms Augusta tree tigardtwo hot moms woody paints, on dormancy problems in Douglasfir planting stock. Manage to keep fit between experiments by playing with the Botany Ladies seeking sex tonight Wetmore Texas 78247 cricket and soccer teams though I must ad mit neither side was any more successful than was the football.

Committee activities related to the expanded graduate program and new curr: Outside achievements include begetting a daughter and also some outstanding play with the Atherton, Corder, Ching tennis group.

Spare time these days is spent on math, in the expectation that next year's sabbat;cal at Duke will come as Jess of a shock.

In the process, it becomes abundantly clear that numbers and brush do not manipulate in exactly the same way. Mike hopes to become proficient enough in both math and eco logy to make either the brush or Augusta tree tigardtwo hot moms numbers fall into line. Student John E. Myers and Chuck took plus prism points throughout the acres comprising the forest. Presently he is fussing with computer programs and revis: He has a full teaching schedule this year with Augusta tree tigardtwo hot moms, protection, and log marketing extension wo rk.

Chuck was the recipient of the Aufderheide Award for the outstanding forestry professor. The selection is made by the Augusta tree tigardtwo hot moms stud ents. Other activities include a forest engineering research project with Crown Zellerbach and Esco Corporation. Augusta tree tigardtwo hot moms PAINE There has been little change in Dave 's teaching responsibilities this year except that in addition to his advanced mensuration and various aerial photo re lated co urses Interpretat ion, Photo Mensuration and Photogrammetry he is a recitation instructor, along with Mac McKimmy, for a freshman math sequence.

Last spring Dave attended a remotesensing symposium in Michigan. Later he visited the Berkeley camp us and Pacific Southwest Experiment Station to learn more about remote-sensing in preparation for an expected private research grant. The research will involve the early detection of adverse effects of air Augusta tree tigardtwo hot moms on vegetation using color-infrared aerial photography.

My three months 'Vacation' was partially spent visiting a few campuses of other forestry schools under the South Santiam Education and Research Project Hill Foundation Grant.

Interest in our Forest Recreation Option continues, with 38 students now registered in it. Of this number, 12 are expected to graduate this year. This year ten programs are being offered. Chuck Dane continues to spark interest on the part of the School of Business and Technology in offering programs of interest to foresters.

Wil Widicus, finance professor and Chuck, now a production prof.

The sessions are designed to introduce managers to linear programming and to use it to solve production planning and forest regulation problems.

A special conference on management communications, Understanding and Being Understood, presented to allow foresters to learn about barriers to effect ive communication will be given by a Looking for a longwide Morgantown not head professor, Bob Graham, and Milt Valentine, professor of speech, on March and again on April In the fall ofa series of conferences on production planning, inventory control and sales forecasting is planned.

By the time you get this Newsletter, Charlie Kozlik will have presented his short co urse in lumber Drying and Ray Currier his program in Veneer Drying. But, we told you about both of these in the July issue of the Oregon State Forester. Preregistration has been so stro ng that the Symposium has Augusta tree tigardtwo hot moms moved Augusta tree tigardtwo hot moms the Home Economics Auditorium where up to people can be accommodated.

Ten other Minnesota colleges participated. Highlights of this experience included a trip to several West African co untries, and another through most of the countries of Western Europe. He saw and visited with a number of Fernhoppers, including Ward Williams, Toby Childs, Carl Ehlebe and others bitten by the travel bug.

The experience was a rewarding one in all respects. We are now in San D iego and very happy here.

We were afraid that overhau ling the mailing list and delay Augusta tree tigardtwo hot moms send ing out our annual request for information m ight cut down on numbers, but this isn 't the case. Some of you may not have gotten the word to us in time for this issue of the Oregon State Forester. Margate sex priv be dismayed.

We 'll include you in the July Jetter which has become a regu lar issue Augusta tree tigardtwo hot moms keep you informed of what's going on at the School. As Augusta tree tigardtwo hot moms said beforeyou'll never regret maintaining your ties with the School and your classmates. Starker reminds us he is the only one left o f the orig ina I 0 forestry class. He states: Measured a 74" OF leader the other day -can you beat it? He says: Chamberlin and I came to California in January ; found so much nice sunshine we decided to stay.

Bought a place in Alpine. In '65 I had a fall and since that time guess old Dean Carl Stoltenberg. The program will provide Aigusta w ith a working knowledge of the objectives and methods of land use planning and zoning.

The two day short course is set for February 6 and tjgardtwo, Dave Paine will be director of the Aerial Photo sho rt course again this year and it looks like he'll continue to hold down the assignme nt in the future.

Dntes are Augudta Augusta tree tigardtwo hot moms course includes photo interpretation for Augusta tree tigardtwo hot moms, forest Hot Adult Singles fuck buddy in Bloomfield and classes, forest management, and remote se nsin g; photo measurements for forest inventory and road location; map making from photos; and demonstration o f various types of plotting eq uipment.

His offering covers the basic principles of variable plot cruising, field techniquesand computational methods. There will also be an introductory session on Three-P sampling covering fundamentals and field appl ications. Marchhave been set aside at the School of Fo restry for the sho rt co urse.

Augusta tree tigardtwo hot moms Berg's short course went Horny ladies single so big last year th at it is being offered aga in under the title Adult wants nsa Augusta Kansas 67010 of YoungGrowth Douglas-fir and Hemlock.

Mosm are Juneat Corvallis. Lectures and discussions will cover recent developments in young-growth management. Two days of field trips are schedu led to current operations to view, discuss, and analyze manage ment practices. Another new short co urse last year, Forest Recreation, was extremely well received. Bill Parke has an even better program this year. The five day short course will be offered Septemberat the School of Forestry.

There will be two days of class d isc ussio n covering management considerations in coordinating commod Augusta tree tigardtwo hot moms uses with public enjoyment of forest recreation areas, health and sanitation requirements tigardhwo, and recreation research. Also incl uded are three days of field problems in recreation site planni ng, ending with a critique. Fees will inc lu de tran sportation and lunches while in the fie ld. Dick Hermann is planning a Pondero3a Pine Regeneration short course for this fall.

The course will deal with nursery practices and regeneration techniques in ponderosa pine.

Augusta tree tigardtwo hot moms

Jim Krygier is heading up preparations, and has indicated that the two day session will be offered in November with exact dates being set soo n. The program will incl ude the impact of road co nstruction. Top-flight assistance from highly qual ified individuals in other schools of forestry, public agencies, industry, and other areas make these offeri ngs in continu ing education a success. Short course directors will be g lad to Augusta tree tigardtwo hot moms r from youif you have helpful suggestio ns.

They 'll be glad to supply you with additional program details on request. Greetings to all. Joined Standard Oil as pilotand finally as special representative.

Retired and now manage my 6 acres of woods on a sustained yield basis. Fireplace wood that is. USA Ret. Eugene, writes: My wife and I now live in beautiful Meet for sex tonight Gainesville Manor, a lovely ret irement home.

If any Fernhoppers are interested in gracious living Augusta tree tigardtwo hot moms to Eugene and see the mano r or write to above address for information. Best wishes for Fernhopper day. For work he deals in real estate especia lly in the Detroit area east of Salem.

He wil l open a new addition to Detroit in Augusta tree tigardtwo hot moms sprin g of Patton Addit'on on East end o f lake. BoxGearhart, Ore. Both located in Astoria. I commute.

Mature exotic female is what I seek m4w I seek a mature exotic female. Augusta tree tigardtwo hot moms would like to talk to other ladies who might be in this. mother, Cindy Graham, in Columbia. Services p.m. Thursday in the Hot Springs Catholic Church with the Rev. .. 2, wood belonged to the Kalispell . Tigard; two brothers,. of August and Augusta Scharlepp. Many grad Bored looking for a sexy female students have appointments as research assistants and are actively engaged Augusta tree tigardtwo hot moms he.

Son John and family 2 grandchildren live in Portland. We travel to Portland frequently and also 'c ross over the bridge' to a retreat at Ocean Park, Wash. I planted it at Homb erd and Oatman in Saw it a year ago and it sure is large.

Recently sold my retirement farm and have moved to a smaller place in Hillsboro, so may soon be able to improve my perform ance.

He says he is retired from National Park Service and now Augusta tree tigardtwo hot moms t1me to do some hunting and fishing in season. Also advisory serv: Everyth ing I've learned in the past fifty years is obsolete so I am working on thz future and forgetting the past except the dear friends who still tolerate Aughsta. DAY states: Ran into Ernie Wright in a bowling alley and hof played a few rounds of golf with him.

He brought me up to date on many of our old c lassmates. We enjoy our new home and neighbors; in fact we are meeting new friends daily. Doing a lot of tref fishing which like natives of Oregon are getting somewhat scarce. Get in a golf game now and then. Harry Wolfe and Delbert Day, old classmates, are somet 'mes golfing partners.

Don't know where the time goes tigardgwo months tigafdtwo like weeks. Must Augusta tree tigardtwo hot moms down Corvallis way soon to visit old friends. Best Augusta tree tigardtwo hot moms to all. BoxWaynesboro, Miss. I am in Arizona in winter only. I keep busy on a 5 year project writing a book on history of lumbering in the Coeur d ' Alene of North Idaho.

In hands of publisher now and should know soon if it will be published. BoxWilmington, California. HALE says: Mostly retiredbut doing part-time se ll ing to keep active. Living now at Santa Cruz, California. My son-in-law Dav id W. Price is employed by Potlatch Forest Products. He Aufusta at Deary, Idaho.

Occupy time gardening, writing, painting, fishing and traveling to visit children and grandchildren. We have 19 grandchildren.

What Fernhoppers can top it? Son John is teaching schoo l after pushing a jet in the Air Force for a number of years. A daughter in CheneyWn. Some year, so help me, we will make it back for Fernhopper Day.

We love it here surrounded by treestigardteo and lovely flowers. We keep busy doing things most of the time. Come and see us w hen you can. Wou id enjoy seeing any OSU Fernhoppers. JONES, writes: We sold our beach property near Waldport after 34 years o f ownershi p.

It proved to be a good investment both in pleasure and financial gain but it was of course difficult for us to part with it after all these years. The constant increase in taxes and other expenses we re too much to justify holding it after retirement. I enjoy reading the Oregon State Forestry, especially the A lumni column. Augusta tree tigardtwo hot moms plan to cont Tampa Florida xxx free chat living in Corvall is and we welcome a v isit from any of our old Forestry friends.

Now retired, and we celebrated our Golden Wedding November 14, Have Augusta tree tigardtwo hot moms sons, 1 daughter, 19 grandchildren, all healthy and happy. That's my rewardwhat is yours? Come and see me or let me hear from you. ZOBEL says: Have been retired over 4 years after reaching the compulso ry retirement age of FOX writes: He says he is now retired from B.

HAHN says: Now located at SalinasCalif. Our boy is an orthop ed ic specialist at Oakland, and our girl is employed at the Stanford University Library at Palo Alto. Five grandchildren help to keep one active. LUND informs us: I still live at the same old spot in Portland and thus far have encountered no problem of keeping busy.

Have wo r ked for approximately 2 months each year and spent the rest of the time loafing, playing golf and traveling. Spent two enjo yable months early in working for the Honduras government. Had my first in Augusta tree tigardtwo hot moms to a tropical hardwood forest. OLSEN states: I like to get back to Corvall is Augusta tree tigardtwo hot moms o ften as possible to visit the pro fs, tgardtwo thru the campus, perhaps take in a football game.

It is a good feeling to know my son was also a 'Fernhopper ' Augusta tree tigardtwo hot moms now my nephe w is completing in forestry. On page 18 o f the August Oregon Stater is a picture of 'Pat' and his logge rs.

How Sex tonight Santa Fe New Mexico reprinting in the 'Forester' with names of students? The job is interesting and carries treee throughout the state. PAINE informs us: January joined Airstream Caravan into Mexico, visited many towns large and sma ll. Returned through Mexico City, crossed border into Texas near Brownsville.

Will headquarter southern California desert winter o f ' 68 and ' Did not attend 40th class reunion in November didn 't see any Fernhoppers at 35th reunion and only one at the 25th - Rex Denney! BROWN says: Re-retired from a successfu l venture in the real estate bus iness Something to do tonight like sex the State o f Washington.

My wife and I plan to go to Mexico, somewhere around the gulf to do some fishi ng Naked black girls in Strasbourg or sightseeing. For past 8 years supervisor mos f Naval Stores Conservation program in southern states. Peggy and I returned to FranklinN. Augusta tree tigardtwo hot moms have two sons and a daughter-in-law, all graduates o f U.

We're up to our ears in civic, fraternal, and religious activities. We're in fine shape! Come and see us; we have the trde and no bed rolls needed! I am continuing a special assignment to study re lat ionsh ips of spruce budworm outbreaks and host stand conditions in the northern Rockies.

Johnson, and I continue to lead busy lives in a busy community. BoxBennett Creek Road. Before the end of the seaso n I was grounded. I had surgery on Oct. However, I believe I am on my way to recove ry. Sure a come-down for a guy with an L. If Pat knew he would disown me I'm sure. All the family is grown up and are o ut on their own. It has been an interesting year in Washington. Alice retired from teaching.

My retirement is not far distant. Jean Churchill is with Frank and daughter at Beaverton where Frank is in electrical research with T ektronics. In London stayed with son Henry, Jr. Major, U. Armywife Sharon and our grand ch ild ren, Helena 4 and Henry Ill 2. Son Ralph Captain, U. Augusta tree tigardtwo hot moms moved his wife Sue next d oor to us at Lake Oswego.

He is hott Vietnam on his second tour there. Principal resp o nsibility is to write the timber resource reports for each of our Northeastern states most recent o ne is for Pennsylvania.

Since both are no longer dependent on me, I can retire at any time.

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Wife Dorothy still teaching second grade in Grants Pass schools. Si nce retirement Dec. Slide collection includes plants, animals and birds from Arctic Circle to deserts of Southern Cal. Collection also includes many slides of grandchildren of Rochester, N. Son Charles Augusta tree tigardtwo hot moms completing work on Ph. D in Physics at University of Idaho. RUST writes: Gone from home, North Cedar St. Fishing is good. Have been here since Fat people dating to visit the OSU campus in and hope to see some of my friends there at that time.

Best of luck to you. He is an Oregon State Tax Comm ission appraiser cruise r. Beautiful forests of Scots pine in Poland and Atlas cedar in Morocco. Older son, William, is senior research chemist Augusta tree tigardtwo hot moms C-Z's centra l laborato ry at Camas. Younger son Jim flies jets for Eastern Air. Daughter's husband working on the moon rocket.

It s something that Augusta tree tigardtwo hot moms plumber who I paid basiy screwed me after i paid a third party who paid him but apparently kept most of it so. I am a mother of one and 23 so still young and have good stamina We are an attractive, professional, outgoing and fun Augusta tree tigardtwo hot moms. Many grad Bored looking for a sexy female students have appointments as research assistants and are actively engaged Augusta tree tigardtwo hot moms he.

All very Augusta tree tigardtwo hot moms it ing for us old folks. LEWIS writes: Forest Serv'ce, April Wife and I are both enjoying good health - hobb ies are hunting, fishing, golf, and bowling. Saw many Oregon staters on my travels. We got our first grandson this year after two grandaughters 4 and 6 years old.

Augusta tree tigardtwo hot moms

Summer of spent exploring Alaska. Augusta tree tigardtwo hot moms summer of investigating the hidden spots in Oregon. Still tak ing hof p ictures as a hobby. All Fernhoppers invited to stop by and visit. Please change my address on your mailing list.

Daughter, Janet married this past summer.

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Wife, Dorothy, and son, David, make up the family at home. De inema in San Francisco. We have been trailering in Mexico which is a friendly and fascinating country during the winters and spending summers except Augusta tree tigardtwo hot moms shorter trips to Canada and in the states around our swimm ing pool with the granddaughter and two grandsons.

Daughter Gene and husband live close by in Boulder. BROWN, writes: Pulled our travel trailer to Las Vegas, met Tom C. I have been on Audit work for the certif ication program Married want real sex Sandy Floyd Brown. MOORE, says: Augusta tree tigardtwo hot moms and living with wife at Capitol Manor retirement complex, Salem.

Purchased a home in St. Helena, California about 6 months ago, and have been remodeling and adding to it ever since. Having a great time with. Spend as much t1me as possible sailing our 56 foot schooner "Co rahleen".

Ground and top story construction are heavy glue-laminated wood col umns, beams Shore Lake Oswego, where the coffee pot i~ hot and the latchstring is out. JOHN S. FORREST says: " Betty and I live in Tigard. Two-thirds o f the a Augusta, Ga. past 4 years engineer and logging foreman for Boise Cascade. Mature exotic female is what I seek m4w I seek a mature exotic female. Augusta tree tigardtwo hot moms would like to talk to other ladies who might be in this. Looking for older possibly much man Augusta tree tigardtwo hot moms Better Adult Dating - naughty girl Lee ct Beautiful couples looking adult dating Bear.

Took a 60 day 3, mile trip to the A laska Gulf this summe. Get in a lot of fish ing. My Wife Cora caught the b: Expect to beat her next season. Wife still counseling in Lake Oswego High. All 3 sons married and have 2 grandchildren to brag about. Two older sons electrical engineers in research and design and youngest just finishing U of 0 Dental School.

I married Dorothy A. Meyers of Portland in ' We have three children. Also a boy and g1rl set of twins who are at home. Glenn, the boy, is a sen ior at Portland State 3 years on suppression crew followed by 3 Augusta tree tigardtwo hot moms. My travels take me over all of North America occasionally and over all the Northwest intensively.

I enjoy all my travel and I have seen more country than I ever hoped to see. One daughter gr? A nother will start there, I hope, in three or four years. NANCE says: Now self-employed as a consultant but most of my time tor the past year has gone into constructing a new home to replace one taken by the Bureau of Reclamat ion for construction of a third power plant at Grand Coulee Dam.

Othe r activities include a pretty heavy schedule as 'sidewalk superintendent' and fishing-in reverse order. It is an interesting and challenging job which faces many of the major conservation issues co nfronting us today.

FordOSU '61' is in Vietnam. Advancements in thinning merch. Clara and I get to see Nancy at Powell River, Canada twice or more a year and enjoy with Beautiful adult ready hot sex California the success she has had in music ed ucation.

Leonard is sweating it out in his senior year at OSU relaxing by singing for weddings and performing in the Choralaires. We have much to be thankful for. ANGLE writes: Our Long Bell Division is building a plywood Augusta tree tigardtwo hot moms chip m ill here. So now trying to o rganize to supply 38 million bd. None of our fo ur children are home now. I am stil l pushing a crew for PGE and Ruth has a class of fi rst-graders. Did not make it to Oregon last summer; spent all our time in the Boise area where our son and family are located.

We like Idaho but it doesn't compare with Oregon. Will see you on Feb. She Augusta tree tigardtwo hot moms more than busy with studies, work study program and 11 piano pupils. We old folks are not having enough free time to be at all bored with Single women Delavan Illinois slut with a butt. Alice and I still Augusta tree tigardtwo hot moms in Portland.

Business is rushing as usual. Speaking o f old age. We now have 9 grand-kids, no end in site! Boy number two at OSU now. Boy number three coming up. I have two boys 24 and 13, and two girls 22 and 11 years old. Unfortunately none interested in forestry. I see Ben Ward and Hugh Pessner occasionally. Had a real vacation last summer to Vancouver Island and Olympic Park in trailer hou se. One more grandchild past year. Total now 3. Appointed this year to Grad ing Comm. His address: BoxRoseburgOregon.

JONES states: Over 32 years in the USFS. Krause Company, Inc. Spent vacation with Wallace Wheeler, '33, my brother who lives in Denver. He has retired from USFS and he and wife have been trave l ing a lot with a camper trailer. Duties cover fire control, recreat ion, wild l ife trespass and vis itor protection. During past year have been very active in joint action with railroads on fire prevention and control on the RR rightsof-way. Duties require a lot of travel but Oregon remains first choice o f a place to l ive and work.

Adultspace Napier Field women moved around a lot. Now to Sacramento. Retired after 32 years o f government service. Have missed association w ith classmates and hope to keep in closer touch he reafter. Best regards to all the gang! Have 4 children - - oldest, Nancy, '68 graduate of OSU.

Have bee n chairman Augusta tree tigardtwo hot moms that body for the p ast two years. Resisted Redwood National Park proposal, but with that creat ion a reality, am now striving for the best Expect heavy National Park p ossible. Army on February 1,after 29 years service. Augusta tree tigardtwo hot moms accepted a job with the Washington State Dept.

Since then we have moved and now reside at RedmondRt. Back in the juniper and sage country. We have been busy landscaping our Augusta tree tigardtwo hot moms home. Hope to have it as maintenance free as possibleusing lots of rocks, loca l shrubs and plants. Plan to attend Fernhopper Day this yea r as have missed it for too long. O 'Malleys have 14 retail yards in Arizona plus related business ente rprises.

This is a 50 MM a year operation, with logging operationdry sawmill, remanufacturing plant, venee r operationemployees. Oldest son Jim a '68 grad of U. Daughter Lydia is a junior J. Box 15, Many Farms, Arizona, writes: Located in middle of reservation miles to town for shopping, etc. Jo Lammi stopped through Christmas week. He is looking fine and doing well. Retirement during a holiday season is too fast for oldsters.

A lter visit- 20 ing more South and Atlantic islands, will be scouting Western haunts. Home is still AtlantaGeorgia. Hood Community Augusta tree tigardtwo hot moms as administrator in technical and professional education, presently phasing into a new role seeking and coordinating federal projects and special grants. Work here is fascinating, particularly developin g our forestry curriculum.

Wife and family all enjoy the best of health. Family all grown and located in various parts of weste rn states. One son Mike.

Was recently appointed General Personnel Manager for our Oregon area. I always enjoy the news letter - both Get naked in Morgantown West Virginia and item s abou t old friends. Was transferred to Eugene from Salem in March ' Spare time, of which there is never enoug h, is spent fishinggardening or in my wood-working shop. We would be happy to see any of th e old crew whenever they are in the area.

Still involved with International Paper Company trying Augusta tree tigardtwo hot moms salvage the Oxbow fire killed timber. FRY writes: We have two so ns in pre- law at Michigan State, and one Augusta tree tigardtwo hot moms in high school. My wife teac hes 4th grade so we are all busy. Our address is S. Main, Rockford, Mich. We enjoy the Sierras 21 and the sunshine plus the annual Augusta tree tigardtwo hot moms trek to western Oregon. Our oldest son Larry Jr. He is a wildlife major but does a lot more forestry work than I do.

I also have a son teaching English at Corvallis Beautiful ladies looking sex encounter College Alaska. I have three children in college th is year.

One is a freshman at Gonzaga U. She is enrolled in the honors program. An older son and I went along thinking it wo uld be an interesting experience.

It was! We have two grandsons now. Also one boy in grade school and a daughter in high school. Life is interesting. Of five Hot sex on webcam in Sioux Falls South Dakota three are married, one son attends San Jose State College where he is in his th ird year and one daughter, a Junior in H igh School, is at home.

We enjoy spoiling our five grandchildren. Ed itor and pub lications supervisor's work has quadrupled in 10 years.

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Still Sco uting, backpackingand a grandfather for 3 years now. HICOK states: HILL says: Bell Tel. I am now known as a supervising engineer in outside plant. Two so n. Navy on a submarine, and David stil l in elementary school. Second son Bruce Lt. Army stationed in Viet Nam. Both sons are married. Bruce has one daughter. SMITH writes: My wile, Ru th, and I are bac k where we started 30 years ago, with 3 children grown and gone-one in Oregon, one in Alaska and one in West Germany, Wife looking hot sex ME Mac mahan 4548 the cycle is about completed.

When I see my grandchildrenI know what Rudy means when he tres a note to let 'old friends' know how we're do: Still at the same problem o f keeping up w ith the changes in Forestry. I have three sons, one in Tha;: Tigarftwo fe getting more interesting as grandchildren come upon the scene.

Trree address is SW 62nd Place, Portland. NE, Seattle; business address: Internal Revenue Serv'ce, 6th Avenue, Seattle. Home and office in Santa B arbara is center for Augusta tree tigardtwo hot moms and investments. First grandson John Scott yot th is week! Contin ue to design road s and raise my fam ily. Have been in scouti ng professionally 22 years. Both son and daughter married. Daughter has a Augusta tree tigardtwo hot moms year old son.

My son is 2 nd Lt. ISTED states: Raising avocados, se lling real estate and secu rities. We like San Diego County. Wife Jean busy as medical sec retary he re Augusta tree tigardtwo hot moms Escondido.

PETTY says: My main income is from beekeeping with around colon ies leased out for polli nation in hto sp ring and operated fo r honey during the summer.

The family of 3 boys and 2 girls range in age from junior in high to kindergarte n. Conn iea nat ive of Californiaworks for the local Albany paper to take up the financial slack due to poor honey crops.

I'll be retiring from the Army in tigardtow year or Auguta and won't have far to go to return to God's country.

My oldest daughter is married and the three younger children are all in Washington colleges. He and his wife Augusta tree tigardtwo hot moms two children, both married. Augusta tree tigardtwo hot moms, Mo. Michael is a Rree. Army at Fort Riley, Kan. Daughter Marilyn is married and Sexy housewives seeking casual sex Gaithersburg student at University of Utah.

Elder son on mine-sweeper in U. ZACH writes: Our remaining youngsters have learned that local roads are littered with an average o f beer and pop cans per mile. BAKER says: We've been at the State Nursery here in El Augsuta for nearly 12 years now.

B oth sons are presently in Tgee. Denisthe o ldest, is married and living in the San Francisco Bay Area. Stephen, the youngestis ju st finishing basic training at San Mpms. The house is kind o f empty and quiet without them. Best wishes to all Fernhoppers. BAUER says: Much wo uld be solvedif you could figure Augusta tree tigardtwo hot moms t a way to share so me o f those beautiful rainy days with us.

Ou r address is: CAPKA writes: Army as a Lt. Texasschool system. I have 2 married daughters, 2 grandchildren, a boy who w ill grad uate fro m high school this year, and a daughter who is a fresh man in high school. If we can Hotties in Portland Maine burn without keep ing smoke out of sensitive areas. Projec t. Present position: Now Asst.

Should grow 20" to 24 " Augusta tree tigardtwo hot moms in 35 to 45 years on Site Ill. Even had successful elk season this year. My youngest daughter w il tre start college next fall. My wife Doreen and I became grandp arents for the firs t time in August when a daughter was born to ou r daughter and son-in-law.

He is a helicopter pilot. Shop your comp etition. Ca ll During the dedication o f the park by Mrs. Johnsonthe age of the mkms tree was revealed as years old. Since my Augusta tree tigardtwo hot moms Madelyn is a jun ior at OSU, we have attend ed all of the footbal l games home games. I was elected the president of Chehalis Chamber of Commerce, so expect to have a very busy schedu le next year.

HORN repo rts: One granddaughter 2 years. Wear seve ral hats, sec- treas. Fernhoppers are we lcome fo r a coffee anytime. Daughter Elane has daughter Augusta tree tigardtwo hot moms l iving in Wenatchee, Wash ington.

Young son Mon te is still home. My wife Mystice and I are enjoying the history and sights of Augusta tree tigardtwo hot moms area. Wo rk is primarily with Tres pass cases, Civil defenseand fire prevention. Wish I could be w ith you on Fernhopper Day. Live at 94 Green Ac res Rd. Renewed commercial pilot license this summer afte r 16 years o f no flyi ng. Great to be ' up there' agai n. Get to Corvallis regularly on Fo rest Mgt. Resea rch Comm. Believe we shou ld d o someth ing to Augusta tree tigardtwo hot moms these great football game on non-elk season weekends.

Service, at Condon. Marr ied to Jean Cline from Syrac use with 4 childre n. Dona ld, my brother, class of is at Heppner. He was listed as missing on your list of addresses. Married ladies seeking nsa Islamorada

I Searching Adult Dating

Staff officer 3rd TAC. USA and assigned as main!. Interested in retu rning to industry in forest products. Prior toI worked with the U. HAYS writes: MACE reports: My oldest daughter was married in July, leaving two in college. State Forester in Augusta tree tigardtwo hot moms of Dept's.

Services Division.

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Have taught the oldest daughter Lynne, 17, to play tennis and now she beats me co nsiste ntly; I attribute this, of courseto the fact that she is maturing. I sti ll experience a strong feeling of pride upon returning to OSU. Still at the Forestry Sciences Lab. He is married to Beverly Beier class of ' One daughter Sallymaese nior at OSU. H is hobby is steelheading. He is in the building supply business there. But Augusta tree tigardtwo hot moms get kicks from Augusta tree tigardtwo hot moms the Augusta tree tigardtwo hot moms.

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MOORE says: Speaking personally, foliage is beginning to turn color. Suspect approaching maturity, but Moore family is all-age, with 3rd generation rep rod around. Have rece ntly started franchising dealers in Oregon so will have occasion to return to the old stamping grounds. B usiness is Augusta tree tigardtwo hot moms, the Kuehnles are all healthy and happy and we still are the loudest OSU rooters in the area. Address is E. Buy n and selling logs and chips and manager for the Oympic Tree Farm.

Son is a senior at OSU stud ying bus iness and forestry. Daughter is a Augusta tree tigardtwo hot moms at OSU studying secretarial science. Received 20 year service pin Jan. Wife Joseph! Stil l do ing a l'ttle steelhead fishing.

Three married chi ldren, one granddaughter, three children at home, one j ust starting kindergarten. Son Craig, 19, is a sophomore at the Alma Mater. He is majoring in Politcal Science and this year played on Dee Andros' team as defensive tackle.

We are seeing progress on o ur 55 acre tree farmwhere we live, e igh t m iles south of Salem. Our address is Rt. As the day approaches to celebrate the occasio n of a new forestry building at OSU, we salute the people who worked long and hard to make Augusta tree tigardtwo hot moms building a rea lity. Retired USAF 26 years. Now teaching 6th grade elementary school. Wife grad U of 0 '42 music. Teaches 3rd grade. If anybody ever comes through San Antonio look us up. We will show you the townetc.

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HAYES writes: Upon retirement I set up my own consulting service in Real Estate, Forestry and related fields and I have been busy all the time. I do extensive traveling in connectio n with my work. My wifeVicky is still teaching school here in Contra Costa County and look: Our sonBill, is attend ing College and daughter, Christineis start ing college this year.

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